So if you don't live with someone that uses their voice professionally, you would think this is pretty ridiculous. I can say that it does LOOK ridiculous in my little tiny bedroom...the important thing is...it works!


If you are a voice over professional, you need silence.  Like...impossible silence! No one can breath...My dog can't make his lapping sounds when he drinks his water...No one can run the water, flush the toilet, wash clothes or turn on the heat or air conditioning.  Why?  Because all of those things make sound...that gets on your recording, and then you have to start all over. And don't event get me started on the outdoor sounds. Planes flying overhead, I live near a race track..(Imagine my Friday night recordings) . The only other option is wait until about 2 am when everyone in the world should be asleep...Unfortunately that's when I would like to be sleeping too.

Mike & Jen/Youtube


We decided to build a studio out of PVC piping, curtain hooks and soundproofing blankets after watching this video. Thanks to Brody Cordes and of course, my Dad and Mom for helping me assemble this in my room.  My mom searched online and helped dad find what he needed, and along with Brody's measuring instructions, he was able to create this for me. The soundproof blankets arrived yesterday afternoon, so everything seems to be working so far. Now, I can still hear things that are going on outside my studio, however, the blankets and acoustics direct the sound inside towards the microphone, and somehow the outdoor noises are kept at bay!

Tanner Howard
Tanner Howard

Probably not what anybody would call beautifying their home, but for me, it's really going to help me speed up the recording process! Yay!


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