Yesterday was interesting. I got a call from my bank asking if I had made a large purchase in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Considering I was no where near there (ever in my life) I could only assume that I was in for a long afternoon. Someone in Oklahoma had not just got all my bank information, but somehow transferred it onto a physical card and used it in a store to buy $238 worth of stuff. Super nice of them. I hope they enjoy all that loose artisan tea and tea accessories from Teavana in Tulsa.

If this happens to you, be sure to do these few things.

  • Call your bank: This was the first thing I did and I am so glad I did it. They were able to put a hold on my card so it couldn't be used anywhere else. They also got me the phone number of the store it was used at.
  • Call the business the purchase was made at: After being on the phone with them for 20 minutes, they determined they couldn't do anything. But they were aware of the situation and were super happy on their end that they knew about the fraudulent purchase.
  • File the fraud paperwork: I am lucky to bank in a place with 17 different locations in the area. Central Minnesota Credit Union is really great about getting as much done over the phone as possible, so this morning I went in, signed a few things and they got me a new card right away.
  • Take a few deep breaths: I was hysterical when this happened. I ugly cried over this. Taking a yoga class last night chilled me out and I am so glad I did that. Realize that everything will be alright. You'll make it through.

I hope this never happens to you! Always keep a close eye on your bank account!

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