A few months ago I told you about how my biggest fear with planning my wedding was hurting anyone's feelings. Well it looks like hurt feelings have been unavoidable. My fiance and I decided that we only wanted to include our siblings in the wedding party.

Well, my cousin really didn't like that idea. In fact, she was so upset that I didn't ask her to be part of the bridal party that she went off on me. I tried to explain my reasoning to her but she just wasn't having it.

A few days later she found out that I asked my two younger cousins, (Colin 5, and Maddie 2) to be the ring bearer and flower girl. She was furious that her two-year-old daughter wasn't asked to be in the wedding. That was enough for her to block me completely.

We talked about it this morning and Pete feels like her overreaction should just further solidify my decision to only include siblings. I still kind of feel bad that she's so hurt by this. What do you think?

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