Christmas Day started out awesome! We opened up presents for the first time as a family of three. Then we went to my mother-in-law's house about two hours away in Forrest Lake. We even got a visit from Santa! Just when my husband and I thought we survived Christmas without a hiccup this year, things took a turn for the worse on Christmas Day.

Our infant son Charlie started to get crabby...he gets like that everyday around the same time. We call it his "witching hour." We knew that we needed to get on the road and get home as fast as possible before he had a complete meltdown.


We were on the road for all of ten minutes before our nightmare happened. We hit a HUGE chunk of ice that had fallen off of the tire of a semi. This giant ice chunk POPPED my tire and bent the rime. Luckily we had a spare tire. We exited the highway and pulled into a gas station parking lot to change it.

Dave went into the trunk to gather all of the tools together to put on the spare tire when we realized we didn't have a tire jack. Yes, folks things went from bad to worse. Keep in mind our infant was a ticking time bomb before his next meltdown and it was 2 below outside.

I called my roadside service (if you don't have it, you need to get it...what a life saver) and I thought everything would be fine soon. Since it was Christmas Day they were pretty backed up. They told us it would take about an hour before anyone could get there to help us.

speak out

It wasn't what we wanted to hear and tensions were high in the car. It was at that moment we realized there was nothing we could do about the situation other than make the best of it. We ended up opening the Speak Out game we brought to play with our family and played it in the car. Dave and I had fun and it helped pass the time. It was a Christmas miracle that our son slept through the whole thing! He didn't wake up until we got home that night. I couldn't believe it.

I hope your Christmas Day went a lot smoother than ours, but if it didn't hopefully you were able to make the most of it as well. It's not about the struggles we face, it's about the people we share our journey with.


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