Over the weekend some friends and myself got all costumed up and went Downtown to celebrate this spooky holiday! I love putting together costumes so I took it upon myself to organize outfits for not only myself, but also for my boyfriend and his friend.

I went as a Taco Bell Hot Sauce Packet, complete with authentic hot sauce packet jewelry. Our friend Moose came pretty much completely unprepared, so I put a mullet wig and Bud Light  hat on him to match his Bud Light shirt and he was re-labeled as "Bud Light Brad" for the night. And my boyfriend stole the show. I put together a Guy Fieri (the guy from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Network) costume for him and it was a big hit! We had people coming up to us all night long saying how much they loved his costume! Not going to lie, I feel pretty proud of how it turned out! Check out the pics of it below!

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