My son is turning two in October and I've been busy planning his Mickey Mouse themed birthday party. I've already ordered and received the invites. They're all addressed and ready to be sent out to family. The only problem is, the party is nearly two months away. They're sitting on my kitchen table collecting dust.


I felt this insane amount of pressure to get the invites made after several family members have asked when the party will be. I thought, 'dang...I need to get moving on this'. But, then I realized that when I was a kid, my mom basically planned my parties a few days in advance and just called people up. There never seemed to be an issue. We all lived, I had my birthday party and people did show up. Nowadays, it seems like people need to be invited months in advance and still have commitment issues.  (I'm talking to all of the people who get invited via Facebook, see the invite and never commit).

I really don't want to send them out too early because people are busy and they'll forget about the invite that got shuffled into a pile of junk mail on their counter top.  I also don't want to seem like that overly obsessed mom...I feel like that's how it would come off. I'm just trying to be a people pleaser here!!

If you received a party invite two months in advance for a toddler birthday, would it be a little weird? I mean, it's not like we're inviting people to his wedding. If they can't make it, then they can't make it and life goes on.

Who plans a birthday party two months in advance?! (other than me of course). And, who thinks this much into it?! I know how silly this all sounds. But, seriously, would it be weird to send them out now? I'd really like my kitchen table space back.

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