My husband Dave and I have gone to the Minnesota State Fair every year that we've been together. It's one of our Minnesota traditions that we plan to continue with our son Charlie. I've learned a few things over the years now. Here are my Minnesota Stat Fair pro-tips.

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1. Download the State Fair app--I LOVE food. Every year I check out the list of new food items and make a list of where I want to go. Then, I get to the fair and get so overwhelmed by everything that I forget all about my list and just settle for what's close and cheesecurds. The state fair app is awesome because it includes a map of where everything is and a full list of all of the foods available. You'll be able to navigate your way through the fair so much better!

2. Bring a backpack--You don't want to be carrying around all of your state fair treasures in your arms all day. It's smart to have a backpack, wagon or stroller to bring with you. Your arms will thank you.

3. Bring cash and don't use the ATM--The line for the ATM is always super long and the ATM fees are a real killer. Remember to bring cash with you, and maybe more than you think you'll need so that you're not spending your time standing in the ATM line.

4. Use the bathroom before you get there--There's nothing worse than having to use the bathroom at the state fair. It doesn't matter what time you go, you'll likely end up in a long line anyway. Hold it if you can manage or use the bathroom before you get there.

5. Go on a misty day--When the weather is hot, it's harder to enjoy all of the fun that the fair has to offer. Go on a cooler day when it's a little rainy out and you'll enjoy yourself so much, the lines are a lot shorter!

6. Try new things, not the most popular--Every year the line for Sweet Martha's Cookies is always really long. And, I mean, is it really worth the wait? It's just a chocolate chip cookie. Don't get me wrong, they're good...but, try something new and different...something that isn't so popular and I gaurentee the line will be a lot shorter! Maybe you'll find a hidden gem or a new item that will easily become your new favorite.

7. Play games last--My husband is really good at fair games...and he always wins prizes. The problem is that we used to play the games first--so, we'd spend the rest of our trip lugging around his prizes. He won a giant smurf one year that was as tall as me.

8. Bring good shoes--the fair isn't a fashion show. Save the stilettos for the club. Grab your best pair of sneakers and get ready to do some serious walking!

9. Go with friends--I love trying as many different foods as possible. The problem is, the portions are always so gigantic that I end up getting full really fast. When I'm with a group of people we end up splitting everything and sampling so much more than I ever could solo.

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