ST. CLOUD -- As a coach there is only one thing you want more, seeing the hard work your team puts in practice translate to the games.

This weekend during the St Cloud Area Youth Basketball Associations Quarry Classic tournament I saw that very thing.

All season long my 8th graders have been clawing their way to the top, taking several third place titles early in the season, then grabbing a few second place titles but always coming up short of the championship.

But not on Sunday. These young men battled with everything they had, from diving for loose balls, controlling the boards and playing with more heart and teamwork then I have seen all year.

It was that effort that finally pushed us over the top and in our very last tournament of the season we finally captured 1st place...and on our home court too.

I hope I have taught these boys many lesson not only on the court but off of it. Just like they have taught me.

Well done Pal, Kalvon, Ethan, Sam, Josh, Jonathon, Gani, Andrew, and Dorn. I'm honored to be your coach.

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