LONG PRAIRIE (WJON News) -- A man has now been formally charged in Todd County for allegedly trying to hire a hitman in a murder-for-hire scheme.

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According to the criminal complaint, local law enforcement learned from an informant that 38-year-old Robert Thomas of Grey Eagle had paid a hitman about $10,000 to have a family member killed over a year ago.

Allegedly the murder-for-hire almost happened in the summer of 2021 but the would-be assassin left the home without shooting the targeted family member.

Thomas allegedly believed that he stood to inherit a substantial amount of money and property upon the family member's death. Another possible motive is that the targeted family member was believed to be romantically involved with Thomas' wife.

Upon learning about the plot, local law enforcement then worked with the BCA to arrange for a recorded meeting between Thomas and an undercover agent. That happened on April 6th in a vehicle in the Coborn's parking lot in Long Prairie.

The entire encounter which lasted for over an hour was recorded on audio and video. Thomas provided the agent with details on the family member's habits, places they frequent, and vehicles they drive.

The agreed-upon price for the murder was to be $50,000.

The undercover agent gave Thomas his phone number and said he'd give him until Monday to call it off. He did not.

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Thomas was arrested on Monday morning.  He has been charged with one count of 1st Degree Premeditated Conspiracy to Commit Murder.


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