This is not what people were expecting to find when renovating Dayton's Department store in Minneapolis. The Facebook page ‘Old Minneapolis’ posted a picture of the mummified remains this week. Of course everyone had their own theory on how it got there but the Murphy family in Minneapolis has the story that has been passed down since the 1960's.


The mayor of Robbinsdale, Regan Murphy knew his father as a pretty serious man, but Larry Murphy's wife Monica knew his as a mischievous teen. They met in high school and married after that, and Monica said Larry and a friend, Tom, had originally stole the monkey from the pet store at Dayton's in the 60's. Tom's mother found it she told the boys they couldn't keep it. So the boys returned it to the store and set it free, not really knowing what would happen after that. That was until this week when the mummified monkey picture turned up on Facebook! How crazy! Larry and his friend have both passed away but Monica said the crazy find makes it feel like they are"still pulling a few tricks".

This is one of those stories that's a combination of creepy and cool. Creepy because a mummified monkey isn't something that should be found in Minnesota, and cool because who knew pet stores sold monkeys in the 60's! Other things found during the remodel of the 116 year-old building include literal Easter eggs, and a stashed stolen wallet that has been returned to it's owner.

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