Minnesotan's have always prided themselves in being "Minnesota Nice". As seen HERE

Photo by Minnesota Awesome via Facebook
Photo by Minnesota Awesome via Facebook
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We have sweatshirts, t-shirts and other merch with the actual saying on it. But is that always the case? Recently, someone took to reddit.com to ask if we had something like the "Seattle Freeze" because him and his wife are looking at moving to Minnesota.

Not going to lie, I had no idea what the "Seattle Freeze" was exactly, but someone actually shared an ARTICLE helping to define it. Basically, the idea is people making it hard to build a new friendship, particularly in Washington State and Oregon. However, some have said that the "Minnesota Freeze" exists as well.

I grew up in Minnesota and with the idea that people here are kind and willing to make new friends anywhere and everywhere all over the state. Being an outgoing person I have always found it easy to make friends. However, I have moved to a couple different states and have felt what others would call the "freeze".

This whole thread may have opened my eyes a little more that maybe it's not like that all over this great state. A couple transplants, as they called themselves, had a thing or two to say about it. User lickmastrr didn't appear to feel a "Minnesota freeze" as they wrote:

I moved to northern Minnesota from out of state 10 years ago and had absolutely no problem making solid and lasting friendships.

While wolfmalfoy appears to have felt some of a freeze, but gave a good bit of advice in their response stating,

...as a transplant, making friends here is not as easy or straightforward as making friends other places, though it is definitely possible. In my experience you really need to have a strong interest or hobby that you can throw yourself into. Get involved in whatever it is locally and you probably will meet people and make friends...

They also responded again later in the thread to say they believe it is more difficult in Minnesota to make "random friends" than in Chicago. Alluding that maybe we aren't always as "Minnesota Nice" as we think and "Minnesota Freeze", and not the kind that comes with cold weather, is a real thing.

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In the end JBerry_Mingjai, may have nailed it on the head when explaining Minnesotans:

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