As a female, this makes me sad, but also know it's the truth.

According to a new survey, most guys don't know their wife or girlfriend's sizes: 46% don't know her dress size, 72% don't know her bra size, and 38% don't her shoe size. Not that this is shocking information, because lets be honest here . . . how many women shout out their dress size? Bra and shoe size, maybe.

Guys: do yourself a huge favor and look like Mr. Stud Muffin and do this little date idea. But first, you have to do a little snooping. Once the lady is out of the house or in the shower, get her dress size from a dress that she wears. That's important. Don't grab any dress in the closet, us ladies are known for keeping things that are too big and small in our closets. You want to get the right size. If she doesn't own a dress, look at a top she has hanging up and grab that size. Look in a drawer and get her bra size and sneak a peak at her heels to get her size. WRITE THE SIZES DOWN!!! Do not guess when it comes time to pull of this slick idea. Ladies: Don't freak out when he knows what size you wear, he loves you anyway!!

Now, once you have her sizes, head to the mall to do some shopping. Ask the ladies working their for help if you need it. They will think it's an awesome idea!! Because secretly, she wishes her boyfriend/husband would do the same thing! Pick up a dress you would love to see her in, heels that match, and a sexy bra for later.

Surprise her one afternoon and lay the outfit on the bed with a note attached saying that she must put the outfit on and meet you at the door at a specific time because the two of you are going on a date night. If she doesn't get dolled up that often because the two of you really don't head out the door for date night very often, she will appreciate this gesture. Maybe have flowers ready and jewelry if it's in the budget (it doesn't have to be diamonds). Find out her favorite flower if you don't know already by messaging one of her friends on Facebook. Now make sure you look sexy; put on the nice shirt and pants and put yourself together, too.

Ladies, if your man does this, act surprised!!! I would love it if my boyfriend did something like this. Go ahead and share this post on your facebook page as a HINT HINT!!