Our regular Thursday feature 'When Animals Attack' brought us a hilarious story about a reporter in California investigating turkey attacks of local residents... but she gets a bigger story than expected- and oh yes, there's video. Click here for it.


Twi-Hards are all a-twitter today. If you notice a few more guys with dark eye shadow on today or more than usual pale foundations on your office-mates, it's (probably) because 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1' premieres at Midnight at Parkwood 17. We're pretty sure you can still buy some tickets online from Parkwood  here.  Rumour is ALL 17 screens will be going for the Midnight show! Good thing we gave away a slew of tickets for the show.

Both Intern Ashli and Movie Maven Ileana are looking forward to meeting you at our exclusive invite-only pre-party tonite at McCann's. Our own resident hairy werewolf, Ty James will be there too- so watch out ladies!

If you're not familiar with the stories here's a primer: Twilight in 5 seconds


Now that the Occupy Wall Street protestors have been told they can only protest during business hours, isn't that kind of like having a job on Wall Street? Head to downtown, sit around all day yelling and then back home to the suburbs for a drink and dinner with the mistress? Anyhow, we wondered about what the Occupiers were going to do about Thanksgiving, since there won't be anyone around to yell at... or will there?

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