Dead or Canadian, are gas prices ruining your life, and what foods are making you fat? 

Your Dead or Canadian people for today: Harmon Killebrew, Yvonne DeCarlo and Derek Boogaard. (Scroll down for the correct answer.)


In case you haven't filled up your tank lately, gas prices are still through the roof and it looks like there is no relief in sight. According to a new report from USA Today, it's not just hurting our wallets, it's actually ruining lives. 70% of respondents say that high gas prices are causing hardship for their families and one out of five people say that they are having serious negative side effects on their life and their standard of living. More than half say they're cutting vacations short, or canceling them all together. The national average for a gallon is $3.96. If you want to know what gas prices are like around here, we have them for you! You can also find gas saving tips here. How are high gas prices affecting you? Are you canceling your family road trip this summer?


According to Prevention Magazine, there are some foods out there that are labeled as "healthy" by food companies, but they're actually making you fat.

1. Baked potato chips - They ARE less fatty than regular chips, but they ARE NOT lower in calories. A better alternative is popcorn. Studies show that adults who eat popcorn get more whole grains than adults who don't.

2. Light ice cream - First off, it doesn't taste as good and it can have just as many calories. A better option is dairy free ice cream made with soy or coconut milk.

3. Zero calorie spray on margarine - Companies are allowed to say "zero" as long as it has fewer than five calories, so a bottle that may say "zero" could have as many as 900 calories. A better choice is spray on olive oil.

4. Fat free salad dressing - To make it taste better, sugar is added, which adds empty calories, and you actually need a little bit of fat to help you absorb the vitamins in your veggies. Use regular oil based salad dressings instead.

5. 100 calorie snack packs - A recent study says people are likely to eat more if the portions are presented in smaller packages, so they're OK as long as you only eat one. A better option is eating almonds instead.

6. Pretzels - They may seem healthier than potato chips, but they're made with refined white flour which has been stripped of its nutrients. A better snack is whole grain crackers.

7. Vitamin infused water - It DOES have vitamins in it, but it also has added sugar. Look for flavored water with no calories, or drink plain tap water instead.

So, in summation, I need to throw everything in my fridge in the trash.


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