SAUK RAPIDS - A local woman has taken her love of dogs and turned it into the St. Cloud Metro's first mobile dog grooming business.

Raylene Johnson has lived in the St. Cloud area since she was 17-years-old, but her love of animals started when she was just a kid. If it wasn't for her husband Aaron Johnson, she would probably have a house full of animals.

Johnson is now 25-years-old and has spent the early portion of her adult life trying to figure out what she wanted professionally. She says it was the people around her that pushed her to turning her passion for animals into a career.

"So I took an office job cause I had never had one before but I hated it. A lot of people around me were like well you love dogs, so why don't you do something with dogs."

Raylene's business, "Wags On Wheels," is a mobile dog grooming service that comes directly to your house or apartment.

Anytime someone starts their own business it can be stressful and scary. She gives most of the credit to her husband and her mother, but says she also received a lot of help from Bethann Gondeck, the founder of Grey Face Rescue and a mentor.

While dog grooming is taking up most of Johnson's time, she still finds time to work as a stylist at Cedar Street Salon and Spa. She credits her boss at the salon for allowing her to continue working there while starting her own business.

Over everything else, Raylene wants everyone to know that she absolutely loves dogs and loves what she does.

"A lot of people call me a crazy dog lady, When I go home I watch videos about dogs and dog grooming. If it wasn't for my husband telling me no I would have a house full of dogs. At the end of the day I just want people to know that I love dogs and love being around them."

Wags On Wheels is St. Cloud's first and only mobile dog grooming service. Johnson says she tries to stay within 20 miles of St. Cloud, but is willing to go outside that range for an added price.

If you are interested in talking to Johnson about getting your dog groomed, call 218-969-2968 to make an appointment.


Justin LaBounty WJON
Justin LaBounty WJON