They say there's nothing more American than apple pie, but in Minnesota that may just not be true.

It's July 3rd, and Google's homepage doodle shows a fun info-graph featuring the most-searched 4th of July recipes per state.


Apparently our neighbors in North Dakota, South Dakota and Iowa crave the best burger while the cheeseheads to our east prefer meatloaf on the 4th. Vermont likes waffles while Wyoming loves a good loaf of banana bread.

As for Minnesotans, apparently our 4th of July isn't complete without sloppy joes -- the most-searched recipe according to Google.

Clicking on the magnifying glass leads you to a page filled with sloppy joe recipes.


What are you eating this 4th of July?

Now that we've got your holiday food taken care of, how about a game (in my family we call it Forced Family Fun):