Everybody loves bacon, and everybody loves Oreos; but as one Minnesota woman found out the both of them together just goes too far.

A photo posted to Twitter Saturday by Minnesota wife, mom, educator and former State Representative for Woodbury Kelly Fenton has gotten the world's attention, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly...disgusted.

"Smoked bacon wrapped Oreos on the Traeger do not disappoint!" she captioned her photo, which features a plate of...well...smoked bacon-wrapped Oreoes from the Traeger.

The internet hasn't been so much divided over the idea as it has been disgusted.

"Only in America," commented one. "The rest of the World looks on in horror."

"Once again Americans eating like they have free healthcare," jabbed another.

"You have got to be kidding!!!! I've can't believe anyone would think of eating that" added a third.

"This is absolutely disgusting and so unhealthy," reaffirmed a fourth on Twitter.

Not all were so repulsed by the recipe, however.

"Game changer," commented Minnesota State Representative Tony Jurgens.

"Artery changer too," someone else jabbed back.

According to Bring Me the News, Fenton after posting the photo to Twitter she  "ate, posted, and never looked back." It wasn't until later that her kids told her she'd gone viral online; at time of writing two days later, the post has received over 700 comments and 7.5k shares.

"Who knew an innocent post of some food we made on Saturday would kick off a Twitter storm!" Fenton told BMTN. "The idea to try this was generated by my son, Will Fenton. He is the cook who made them for us."

So how'd the bacon-wrapped Oreo treats taste anyways? "They were so dang good," Fenton said. "Definitely want them right off the grill and cooled for a few minutes. Who doesn’t love their two favorite foods co-mingled? Sweet, savory, and salty. DELISH!"

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