Sarah Lanners won a year's supply of Indeed Brewing Company's Pistachio Cream Ale thanks to her unbounding love for (and pretty fantastic stories involving) the adult beverage.

Back in February, Minneapolis-based Indeed Brewing Co. launched a contest to find the biggest fans of their Pistachio Cream Ale. "We're searching for Pistachio Cream Ale's Biggest Fan. Think that's you? Prove it. Submit a photo, video, work of art, etc., that tells us why you should be crowned Pistachio Cream Ale's Biggest Fan."

The prize? A year's supply (actually, one case a month for 12 months) of Pistachio Cream Ale beer.

Last week, Indeed Brewing Co. announced their grand prize winners (one in Minnesota and one in Wisconsin where Indeed has a second taproom in Milwaukee) and additional favorite submissions. The Minnesota winner is a woman by the name of Sarah Lanners. Sarah is a self-professed school teacher, avid bicycle rider and Indeed Brewing enthusiast. She submitted a 9-minute long video in which she shared her unbounding love for the beer as well as some pretty hilarious stories involving the beer.

"I used your little Valentine template, and I wrote my Valentine to Pistachio Cream Ale," she says at one point, "my most consistent love of the past year."

The video also shares photos from Lanner's phone's photo gallery, many of them showcasing Pistachio Cream Ale beer. The video also shares screenshots of texts Lanner received from friends making sure she'd heard about the beer contest. In one of the video's more hilarious bits, the teacher admits that she talks about Pistachio Cream Ale with everyone she matches with on Tinder.

"I am a PCA (Pistachio Cream Ale) evangelist. My profile on the dating app simply says, 'Let's Drink Beer.'" She even goes on to share screenshots of some of the conversations she's had over dating app Tinder about beer -- specifically Indeed Brewing's Pistachio Cream Ale. "There's another Tinder message that I've since become unmatched with who claims to work at your brewery and did promise me free Pistachio Cream Ale if we went on a date," she shares. "So, I forgot your name -- red-haired, bearded guy -- but if you're on the selection committee, you know who you are."

Check out the final winners and runners-up submissions here.

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