Minnesota has some seriously beautiful waterfalls that'll take your breath away. It's a popular summer bucket list item for many Minnesotans. However, this summer those once abundantly flowing waterfalls are starting to run dry. Now, it's a little tricky to get those beautiful engagement photos in front of a magical waterfall.

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Minnesota is in a severe drought which has forced several cities across the state to start putting their conservation plans into practice. Locally, Waite Park has enforced a total watering ban. They're just one of several cities to do so.

You can see the effects of the drought on Minnesota waterfalls. According to KSTP, there almost no water flowing from Gooseberry Falls State Park's waterfall. Photos show the exposed rock formation with no water running from it.

In fact, several people have taken to social media to find waterfalls that are still flowing with water.

Jen Mann via the 'That's So Minnesota' Facebook page wrote, 'Hey MN friends. I need some help. I have a friend proposing and most of the waterfalls in MN are out of water. Anyone know of a state park or pretty place that looks halfway decent? Thank you in advance."

Another Facebook user named Nichola Narog posted photos of the dry waterfall on the 'That's So Minnesota' Facebook page, captioning the pictures "I have never seen Gooseberry Falls like this. We need rain. And lots of it."

Ron Benson took to Facebook to share a photo of Gooseberry Falls with some water flowing from the fall.  He wrote, "Not a lot of water but some. We are in a drought for sure but the Gooseberry River has not dried up." That photo was taken on July 20.

Let's hope for some rain, Minnesota. Our Minnesota waterfalls are in desperate need of it.


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