ST. PAUL -- An electric vehicle tax, the rough equivalent of Minnesota's gasoline tax, is one plan that's popped up in the Republican-controlled Minnesota Senate to address what backers say is a continued shortage of funds for roads and bridges.

Rockville Republican Jeff Howe says his bill...

"In much the same way that we collect the fuel tax at the refinery, we would... try to do the same thing here and collect that at the utility, when they hook up those electric chargers that are coming."

Hutchinson Senator Scott Newman:

..."any substance that propels a motor vehicle, I think that's what the constitution says. Electricity propels a motor vehicle. It should be paying a tax in lieu of the gas tax, and there are ways to do it."

Leading Senate Republicans also want to capture all state tax on auto parts -- instead of only about half of it -- exclusively for road and bridge projects.

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But they say more revenue beyond that is necessary to meet the need.

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.


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