Minnesota's restaurants and bars have been closed for dine-in service since November due to COVID-19 concerns. Minnesota Governor Tim Walz is allowing bars and restaurants to reopen for indoor service today at 50 percent capacity. It's a great day if you're in the bar and restaurant industry. Here are 5 things most Minnesotans will be doing today to show their support.

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1. We're likely to be found inside of a restaurant tonight. Who cares if your New Year's resolution was weight loss or saving money...it's practically a holiday for Minnesotans today. Calories don't count...right?

2. Then, we're going to get into an indecisive argument with our significant other about where to grab dinner. You want fancy Italian and your partner wants a greasy burger. Good luck!

3.We're planning on dining early today so we can be sure to get a table first. The restaurant opens at 4 p.m.? I'll see you there at 3:45 p.m. as I wait in the car.

4. Once we get to the restaurant, we're going to check-in online and publish all about our deed on social media. Because, did you even go to a restaurant if you don't post a picture of your delicious meal?

5. We're going to tip really well tonight. Then, with all of that good karma, we're going to buy a Powerball ticket because tomorrow's jackpot is soaring past $600 million.

Did we mention restaurants and bars are reopening today? Please, help support local if you can!


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