Thursday morning, Twin Cities Live's Steve Patterson made a guest appearance on Live with Kelly and Ryan with a hilarious report on Minnesota's polar vortex.

"Well first and foremost, a hearty 'aloha!' from sunny Minnesota!" Steve starts.

"How cold is it?" Kelly asks.

"The current air temperature is negative 24 degrees. For our Canadian viewers who wanna know the Celsius equivalent, it's probably "Holy crap, it is so cold!'"

The KSTP reporter's live update only gets funnier from there. Reporting on the cold temperatures and how it affects one's mouth and speech, Patterson goes on:

"I will tell you, they say that your mouth starts to get a little bit numb when it's really this cold -- but I've had to jump-start my vehicle two times at negative 25 this week, you're amazed that you can still say every curse word with crystal clear- I mean, it's amazing!"

Watch Patterson's weather report at the video below and watch for his fantastic demonstration at the end to show just how cold it is.

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