I've been seeing more of those speed enforcement trailers around. Local law enforcement must be reminding motorists that school is back in session and to slow down. One Minnesota police department was recently trolled by a resident who taped a funny sign to one of these trailers. There was just one problem for the prankster, they seemed to have left a name and an address still on the cardboard.

The Rosemount Police Department posted about the 'funny' sign on their social media, and I've got to give the artist credit as they were rather clever.

We are not sure which Atari game this was modeled after, but we noticed that someone had "added" some signage to our speed sign. We chuckled a bit, and took the sign down. What really made us laugh was when we looked at the carboard backer and realized that the address shipping label on the carboard was most likely our creative individual. We have your sign.....we will be happy to bring it back to you:)

All kidding aside our speed signs are deployed for a variety of reasons, but they are often deployed after we receive citizen complaints about speeding. The sign is placed to bring awareness, deter speed, and gather data that is helpful for making decisions on next steps. For example, a next step could be increasing patrol presence (i.e. directed patrol) or sending the data to our City's Traffic Safety Committee for other recommendations.

We would appreciate if you did not drive 88mph to travel back in time. DeLorean's are hard to come by, and there is the whole space-time continuum thingy to worry about. Happy Wednesday!
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It's not clear if the Rosemount Police were going to knock on the possible sign makers' door, since they may have left their sign behind, but one thing that is clear is the police in Rosemount have a sense of humor.

Also please read the disclaimer below.

***Don't put any sort of signs up on speed enforcement trailers***

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