If you see an emergency vehicle approaching you must pull over and stop.

Over the weekend, the Wyoming, MN PD took to Facebook with a stern reminder and to point some fingers.

Last night, Wyoming Officers responded to an emergency request for backup to assist another agency on a traffic stop near E Viking Blvd and E Viking Ln. Responding officers were informed that another agency was on a traffic stop where the driver exited the vehicle with the below pictured shotgun in hand and was reportedly refusing to drop it."

The post goes on to explain that assisting officers on their way to the incident were delayed by motorists who refused to pull over and stop.

Our officers responses to a life threatening situation were delayed due to people refusing to pull over and come to a complete stop for an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens activated."

Fortunately, the driver involved in the incident surrendered himself and his gun peacefully.

Still, the PD were less than impressed by the drivers who impeded aid, and left a stern reminder about driving laws:

When you see an emergency vehicle approaching, you MUST pull over and come to a stop. Not pull over and keep slow rolling. Pull over and STOP. The only exception is if you’re on a divided roadway and the emergency vehicle is on the other side."

"Someday the person calling for help might be you," the Facebook post concludes, "or your brother, sister, parents, or other loved ones. You’re going to want us to get there as fast as possible."

Bring Me the News also reminds us of the Ted Foss Move Over Law, which requires motorists driving a road with two more more lanes to "keep over one full lane away from stopped emergency vehicles with flashing lights activated — ambulance, fire, law enforcement, maintenance and construction vehicles." Failing to do so can result in fines exceeding $100.

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