A Minneapolis pizza joint just made a list of 100 Best Pizza Places in the US according to...Instagram posts.

Pizzeria Lola was just ranked the 51st best pizza restaurant in America by tour operating website Italy4Real. Their criteria? Instagram posts!

"We used TripAdvisor to compile a list of over 1,000 pizza restaurants across the USA," reads the Italy4Real article. "We then used the Instagram geo-tag feature to find out how many photos had been tagged at each pizza restaurant to discover the most popular pizza places in the USA according to Instagram’s pizza lovers."

With 10,783 Instagram posts, Pizzeria Lola earned a 51st position in the list of 100 top pizza joints and the title of only Minnesota pizza place to make the list.

Of the Top 10, four restaurants were in New York and Chicago each with the remaining two in California. Here's the full list of the Top 10:

 RankName of RestaurantLocationPhotos Tagged Here
1EatalyNew York City, NY201,567
2EatalyChicago, IL90,611
3Russian River Brewing CompanySanta Rosa, CA71,615
4Roberta's PizzaNew York, New York50,872
5Giordano'sChicago, IL40,853
6Lombardi'sNew York, New York40,523
7Giordano's (Chicago Loop)Chicago, Illinois31,956
8Pequods PizzaChicago, Illinois26,277
9Bar BocceSausalito, CA25,257
10Grimaldi's PizzeriaNew York, New York24,993

Check out Italy4Real's full list of Top 100 Best Pizza Places in America according to Instagram posts here.

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