Just a week after going viral for their drone-shot Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater video, the pair behind the viral sensation are garnering attention again with a second video.

Last week, Minneapolis-based aerial cinematographer and photographer Jay Byrd Christensen and director Anthony Jaska captured the attention and awe of the world with a short video titled "Right Up Our Alley." The video -- shot entirely by drone --left viewers amazed at drone operator Christensen's skill as he flew his way deftly around Minneapolis' Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater.

The video has been viewed over 1.6 million times on Youtube alone and garnered the praise of several Hollywood directors including James Gunn who invited the pair to join him in London as he shoots Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

One week later, Christensen and Jaska are once again the center of attention with yet another viral video. Filmed and posted online before the Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater video, fans have found a previous video titled "Mann Theatre FPV Fly Through." Filmed in similar style to the bowling alley video, this once showcases Mann Theatres' Plymouth Grand 15 in Plymouth. Over the course of the 77 second video, Christensen shows off his pilot skills, flying his drone through the theater's front doors, around ticket counters, past a couple purchasing popcorn at the concessions, through the Grand Bar, down the hall and into the Cinema 14 XDX theater where the movie playing opens with the same shot as the opening shot of the "Mann Theatre FPV Fly Through" video.

The video, naturally, has some missing the movie theater.

For more videos from Christensen and Jaska, follow Sky Candy Studios on Facebook or Youtube.

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