In a series of beautiful displays, one of the most sequestered communities has stepped forward to show its support against injustice.

Photos and videos of groups of Mennonites standing in support with protesters against police violence and racial injustice have left people around the world amazed. One video posted to Twitter shows a group of about 11 Mennonite protesters at the iconic Stone Arch Bridge in Minneapolis over the weekend, peacefully singing and chanting.

"Beautiful Mennonite protestors in Minneapolis," reads the Tweet's caption. "Turn your sound on!"

(Note: it appears that the video above was originally posted by Twitter user @NedWhat)

Some of the individuals also hold signs with messages like "Justice for George Floyd," "I Can't Breathe," and "Standing Against Systems of Oppression."

Additional video and photos show a group of Mennonites (perhaps the same ones) at the Cup Foods on Lake Street where George Floyd was arrested and murdered at the hands of police. In another video, too, they peacefully sing and display their signs in solidarity.

The act of support from such a secluded community has left many amazed (note the false attribution in some comments below to the Mennonites as Amish...a seemingly minor but marked difference).

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A Weekend of Twin Cities Protests in Pictures


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