A Minnesota man's original song about Minnesota breweries is the ode Minnesota craft beer enthusiasts have all been waiting for.

Last week, a friend of mine who works for Nordic Brewing Company in Monticello, MN sent me a text and Youtube video saying, "Someone sent me this cool song that mentions the Nordic." I started the video and -- within seconds -- was tapping my toes and singing along with the simple but catchy chorus.

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Titled "The Minnesota Beer Song," I showed the video to my wife Katie who was quick to name several of the singers involved as local Twin Cities actors and singers (apparently we saw the lead singer Rodolfo Nieto in a show called Assassins a couple years ago). Anyway, the song artfully and cleverly sneaks in the names of Minnesota breweries while praising Minnesota's craft beer community with lines like "It never is too early to get squirrely with a Surly (Surly Brewing)/It might become the Summit (Summit Brewing) of your day/Indeed (Indeed Brewing) it could be fun, to pop in just for one/And be Able (Able Brewery and Seedhouse) to raise up your glass to say." With each mention of a Minnesota brewery an insert of the brewery's logo flashes on the screen to better follow along.

According to the video's Youtube caption, the song is intended to be sung live at any Minnesota brewery. Nieto also invites others to add verses of their own incorporating other Minnesota breweries that weren't mentioned or reusing breweries he did mention in other creative ways. The chorus, as indicated by the credits, is made up in large part by members of MPLS (imPulse).

How many brewery mentions can you count?

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