How do you run a full marathon you didn't train for? Accidentally.

That's more or less what happened to Mike Kohler, a 26-year old Minnesota man living in Fargo. While running isn't something new for Mike -- he participated last year in Sanford Fargo Marathon's 10K and the 5K the year before -- this year was the first year he signed up to run his first half-marathon.

So how did he complete a 26.2 mile full marathon instead?

Turns out, instead of running with the half-marathon runners, Mike accidentally began the race with the full-marathon runners. Following everyone else, he turned North on the full marathon course instead of South for the half marathon. By the time he realized his mistake, Mike told the Grand Forks Herald, “I’m just going to go for it, because why not? I’m already here, I’m already running, I’m already tired. Might as well try to finish it."

And he did, with a total time of just under six hours. Not bad for someone who only trained for a half. Mike's story is so impressive, he's been featured in national stories by Bring Me the NewsSB Nation and Time.

"This just kind of proves you can do a lot more than what you think you can sometimes."

Fun fact, one of our DJ's even knows Mike! Read Cindy's account here.

Speaking of accidents, here's one that had slightly worse consequences...

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