This is one of the most touching stories I've ever read. According to WCNC, the Farmington High School Robotics Team in Farmington, Minnesota got an email from the father of a two-year-old boy, Cillian Jackson, who has a genetic condition kind of like Cerebral Palsy.

Cillian's dad Tyler Jackson really wanted to get him a wheelchair to help him get around more. But, wheelchairs cost thousands of dollars, and was not likely to be covered by their insurance. So, he thought it might be a good idea to reach out to his local high school's robotics team and see if they would be interested in helping him.


It turns out that they were definitely interested. They built Cillian a power chair using a 3D printer, a Power Wheels toy and a few other things like a joystick to navigate.

Now, Cillian is getting around and doing it in style! Aww, I just love this story--it gives me all the feels. Great job, Farmington Robotics! You're awesome!

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