A Minnesota orthodontist hip to the jive and in with the kids on TikTok is proving -- maybe getting braces isn't so bad, after all!

Dr. Grant Collins is a private practice orthodontist in Rochester. He's also currently the only private practice orthodontist in Rochester to have trained at the Mayo Clinic. Not only is he really good at his job, but his tech-savviness and likeable personality have made him something of an internet star. He currently boasts over 135k followers on Instagram and over 2.1 million followers on TikTok under the name @TheBracesGuy!

Dr. Collins' social media platforms are a mix of informational, fun and inspiring. In one recent video, he shares the benefits and dangers of whitening boosters.

@thebracesguyDental Product Review Just lookin’ out for your teeth! Read Bio to ask a teeth question ✌♬ original sound - thebracesguy

In another, he shows how he gives himself vampire fangs.

@thebracesguy Just making some fangsYou’ll see why on my insta tomorrow IG:thebracesguy ♬ Stunnin' (feat. Harm Franklin) - Curtis Waters

His assistants seem like a lot of fun, too, often seen dancing or participating in his videos!

@thebracesguy Orthodontist Edition Read Bio to ask a ##braces question ✌

Sometimes Dr. Collins even includes his family in his videos (even if things don't go as planned)!

@thebracesguy Asked my wife to kick the ball into the hoop for a TikTok First try didn’t quite go as planned... ##fathersday ♬ original sound - thebracesguy

For those who have questions, Dr. Collins asks followers and fans to direct message him on Instagram; he'll answer them publicly if and when he can. Here's his reply to the question "Can a cavity eventually become life threatening?"

@thebracesguyStages of a Cavity Read Bio to ask a teeth question ✌♬ original sound - thebracesguy

Follow along with Dr. Collins aka @TheBracesGuy on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube for more great content from our very own Minnesota celebrity!

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