A California woman is one step closer in her quest to trade a bobby pin - the smallest item she could own -- for a house -- the largest item she could own -- thanks to a Minnesota couple.

Several months ago, Demi Skipper of San Francisco, CA got the crazy idea to trade a bobby pin for a house. Of course, there was no way anyone would trade a bobby pin for a house; but the idea is to keep trading items of increasing value until, finally, someone might be willing to trade her for a house. Believe it or not, it's actually been done before (though that time the starting item was a red paperclip).

Demi started by posting on sites like Craigslist, eBay and Facebook. She managed to trade the paperclip for a pair of earrings, which she then traded for a set of margarita glasses, which she traded for a Bissel vacuum cleaner, which she traded for a snowboard. She traded the snowboard -- valued at around $90 -- for an Apple TV 4k valued at nearly $200. The trades continued growing in value, and Demi continued growing in followers. In just over two months she's gained 3.8 million followers invested in her journey. But her latest trade -- thanks to a pair of Minnesotans -- is her biggest trade yet, even making news headlines. Having landed on an iPhone 11 Pro Max, a Minnesota woman -- Norah Sabir -- reached out offering to trade her old college vehicle for the iPhone. According to ABC7 out of San Francisco, Demi's Trade Me Project popped up in Sabir's TikTok feed. With her husband on board, the two decided to drive from Minnesota to San Francisco to trade their 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan for Demi's new iPhone 11 Pro Max. "It was really fun!" Sabir's husband told ABC7. "We believe if you do something good, you'll get back. So this is what inspired us to do this, that motivated us to do it."

@trademeprojectTrading a bobby pin for a house. Cross country trade complete! ##fyp ##trademeproject ##tmp ♬ Alone - Petit Biscuit

The vehicle arrived with numerous issues, including a severe leak. Will Demi be able to trade it up until she finally gets a house?

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