Game of Thrones may have just wrapped up. But for one Minnesota couple the adventure continues.

Gail and Ken Janes of Ritchfield, MN just won a contest put on by AT&T.

The prize?

A 7-foot tall, 310 pound replica of the seat of power in Westeros.

"I thought it was going to be a T-shirt or a cup or something like that," Gail told MPR, a far cry from the "Own the Throne" contest's actual prize valued about $18,000! The replica was created by Traction 3D MPR reports, which worked on props for the popular HBO series.

So what's the couple going to do with their massive display?

Gail's husband Ken has already built a patio for it with additional plans to add a pavilion to protect it from the weather. After all, the Seven Kingdoms may get snow, but they haven't seen a Minnesota winter!

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