Arctic Denim's cold weather jeans are the solution to "I'm literally freezing my butt off!"

With temperatures nearly reaching 40 above this past weekend, you might have seen a Minnesotan or two rocking shorts or a t-shirt (or both!). If there's one thing we can predict about Minnesota winter, though, it's that it ain't over til it's over! With plenty of time for another polar vortex or massive dumping of snow yet, a Minnesota-based company's unique pants will keep you feeling warm and looking stylish.

Arctic Denim introduces the ultimate cold weather jeans. Why have to choose between looking stylish of staying warm when you can do both? Made with three layers , these jeans keep you waterproof, windproof and breathable whether it's 40 degrees out (like it was this past weekend) or 60 below (like it...well...could be next week).

Arctic Denim comes in two styles in three different colors for men and women each and will run you $198 a pair (though there's a sale going on now!).

Look good, feel great and represent the Bold North in your own pair of Arctic Denim jeans!

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