Mankato's city council has severe concerns about building a new Dunkin' Donuts just across the street from the downtown police station.

Plans to build a Dunkin' (formerly Dunkin Donuts) in downtown Mankato have barely passed following concerns from the city council of its proximity to the police station. Take a second to let the humor of that set in -- the city of Mankato has concerns...about putting a donut a police station. *cue hysterical laughter*

It sounds like the plot of a bad Kevin James film (resuming the role of Paul Blart, of course). To be fair, though, it's not entirely what it sounds like. The proposed Dunkin' site -- according to the Mankato Free Press -- is an empty lot in downtown Mankato along one of its busiest stretches on Riverfront Road. The police station is more or less right across the street. The real concern, though, isn't the stereotype of cops and their love for donuts as much as increasing street traffic that may slow or hamper emergency response. The proposed Dunkin' will offer no dine-in room but drive-thru service only, raising concerns about extra vehicles on Riverfront Road. Members of the construction company, however, feel confident that proposed plans will allow for enough room in the drive-thru without vehicles reaching the street.

While the reality of the situation is a fair and reasonable one, we much prefer to think that Mankato just doesn't want a donut shop next to a police station. That is funny, right?!

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