ST. PAUL -- Police could launch GPS tracking devices that would stick to stolen vehicles, thereby avoiding dangerous high-speed chases, under a bill that's moving forward in the Democrat-controlled Minnesota House.

Sponsor, Shoreview Representative Kelly Moler says it will save lives:

"We're protecting those innocent drivers who are on the road, we're protecting those law enforcement officers who are met with these pursuits, and we're protecting the people in the cars who, sadly and tragically, often get injured or killed in these high-speed chases."

Cambridge Republican Brian Johnson says the bill should become law as soon as possible:

"We've had a dramatic increase in stolen vehicles -- and not just stolen vehicles, armed robbery of vehicles in the carjackings."

But fellow Republican Eric Lucero from Saint Michael says he has a healthy distrust of government and is on the front lines of fighting for data privacy:

"I have genuine concerns about this bill, of tracking."

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