A Minnesota bicyclist is taking trail suggestions as he attempts to bike 30 trails in 30 days.

A Minneapolis-based man has issued himself a challenge to bike 30 Minnesota trails in 30 days.

"I'm looking for suggestions on what trails I should cover," he says on reddit. "I'm pretty sure there are a lot of hidden gems around the city or even outside the city I have a car so I don't mind travelling and filming those areas."

So far, he's completed two bike rides. The first was around Bde Maka Ska/Lake Calhoun in Minneaopolis. According to the video below, the ride took him 18.5 minutes.

His second bike ride was around Hyland Lake in Bloomington. That ride -- which was more scenic than Bde Maka Ska's and included dirt and paved paths -- was just under 12 minutes.

The biker -- known only as TaMaroon on Youtube -- is documenting his rides with a camera attached to his helmet. While the videos are pretty straightforward, he's open to suggestions as to how he can make them more engaging.

"Any other suggestion on how to make the videos more enjoyable are also welcomed."

Minneapolis just regained its title as having the best park system in the country. Last year it fell second behind Washington D.C. after previously holding the No.1 spot since 2013. St. Paul ranked 3rd best park system in the country this year as well. According to Metro Bike Trails Guide, Hennepin County alone has 83 miles of off-street bike trails.

Bike trail suggestions on reddit have included Nine Mile Trail in Edina,Gateway Trail from St Paul to Stillwater, Browns Creek Trail in Grant Township, Root River Trail in Lanesboro, Dakota Rail Trail, and the Mississippi River trail that starts in Lilydale.

Any good bike trails in Central Minnesota you'd recommend for TaMaroon?

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