St. Cloud added a speakeasy recently downtown, but another community in Central Minnesota has a cocktail lounge/speakeasy that just took home a Minnesota Best award, and it's located just 40 minutes from downtown St. Cloud in Buffalo.

I'll be the first to say, I don't know a whole lot about Buffalo. What I do know, at least now, is that there is a speakeasy/cocktail lounge in Buffalo that just took home the silver medal from Minnesota's Best, and it had to do with the cocktail lounge aspect. The name of this award-winning business? Muffy's Basement!

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Muffy's is described as being "a speakeasy-style bar hidden in downtown Buffalo, MN on Central Ave." If you are looking for it, you might need to don your Sherlock Holmes hat and pipe...don't have one of those, here is a hint: "Search for a back entrance to a local business named for Muffy's beloved wife." Or you can simply put this address in your GPS 18 Central Avenue (Lower Entrance), Buffalo MN 55309.

According to the businesses website:  "Muffy's Basement is named for Grandpa Melford (he hated that name, so everyone called him Muffy). He was the life of the party.  He met Grandma Evelyn, during the prohibition era, but that didn't stop them from dancing and having a good time. Muffy's Basement is a homage to those special days gone by.  To Manhattans, dressing up and going out.  To delicious, elaborate cocktails. To friends, family."

If you want to enjoy the speakeasy they are open just limited hours. Thursdays from 5-10pm and Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 11pm. Muffy's also does NOT take reservations for it's a first come first served basis for who can make it down into the basement speakeasy.

Muffy's also won Minnesota's Best for their martini this I think we know what our first 'forbidden' beverage will be...

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