Run, run, run as fast as you your local retailer for Gingerbread Men Ice Cream Sandwiches!

Due to popular demand, Twin Cities-based dairy brand Kemps is bringing back a decades-old holiday treat favorite -- Gingerbread Men Ice Cream Sandwiches.

"Customers have literally been begging us to bring back the Gingerbread Men Ice Cream Sandwiches for years," said Kemps spokesperson Rachel Kyllo in a statement, "and we can’t think of a better time than 2020 to reintroduce these treats, as we all could use a little extra joy this year."

The beloved holiday treats have even garnered their own Facebook Group called Bring back the Kemps Gingerbread Man Ice Cream Sandwiches which boasts over 1400 members. Members have been posting in the group since 2012, begging Kemps to bring the ice cream sandwiches back. The wait is finally over, however, with Kemps saying the sandwiches will be available in stores throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin including Cub, Coborn’s, Knowlan’s, Skogen’s Festival Foods, Walmart and Hy-Vee. The company will also roll out other holiday flavors including EggNog Ice Cream, Peppermint Mocha Holiday Nog, Cinnamon Egg Nog and Vanilla Egg Nog.

According to the official Kemps website, the original company started in 1914 when William Kemps and Walter Lathrop joined together to form the Lathrop-Kemps Ice Cream Company. Located then at 222 Fifth Street, Minneapolis, it is considered the birthplace of Kemps. By 1916 the Lathrop-Kemps Ice Cream plant was producing 30 tons of ice per day and averaging 260 gallons of ice cream per hour. Over the next 100 years, the company would merge, survive the Great Depression and World Wars, expand and change their name officially to just Kemps. Today, Kemps is owned by Dairy Farmers of America -- one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the country with over 14,500 members.

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