Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and -- while current COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions in Minnesota would see us hosting no more than 10 individuals from no more than 3 different families together in our homes -- it's time to start getting supplies ready.

Each year, a new battle ensues amongst retailers to see who can offer the most affordable Thanksgiving meal. This year -- according to CNBC -- that title goes to Walmart with a total food cost of just $30.21. (Note: CNBC only looked at four retailers that offer home-delivery including Walmart Grocery, Amazon Fresh, Peapod and Fresh Direct. A delivery fee of $9.95 was also factored in to Walmart's cost for a total of $40.16). Beating all those, however, may be budget retailer ALDI, who's website boasts a "Thanksgiving Dinner for under $30."

"Thanksgiving is almost here!" read's ALDI's website. "This year, make the biggest meal of the year, at the lowest price. We're talking turkey, sides, more sides and even dessert." The following 11 ingredients -- with some additional items like coffee, butter, flour, sugar and eggs presumed to be in your pantry -- ALDI claims will be able to provide a Thanksgiving dinner for up to 10 for less than $30:

  • Butterball Turkey
  • Chef's Cupboard Herb or Cornbread Bagged Stuffing
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • L'oven Fresh Hawaiian Sweet Rolls
  • Season's Choice Steamable Frozen Peas
  • Fresh Cranberries
  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Bake House Creations Pie Crust
  • Countryside Creamery Heavy Whipping Cream
  • Friendly Farms Whole Milk

Noticeably, ALDI's list does not include a pie filling at time of writing, though BMTN's list does include a can of pumpkin pie mix. ALDI also offered recipes at its website for Roast Turkey with Herbed Butter and White Wine GravyApple Cider and Balsamic Glazed Spiral HamSpiced Sweet Potato and CarrotsPull-Apart Stuffing Bread and more.

So the moral of the story is -- if you're looking for an affordable Thanksgiving meal with delivery to your home give Walmart a try. Otherwise, ALDI's the place to go for Thanksgiving on a budget!

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