Over the 4th of July this year my sister held a cheap beer blind tasting event.

A group of about 20 of us all gathered at her place in St. Paul, dutifully bringing the cheap, crappy beer we'd each been assigned. My wife Katie and I were instructed to bring a pack of Coors Light. Over the course of the evening, my sister Abigail poured samples of each beer into little taster cups, which we blindly tasted (she was the only one who knew which beer was which) and then ranked from best to worst according to three categories: Cheap Beers (Coors Light, Busch Light, Bud Light, Miller Lite), Regular Beers (Budweiser, Busch, Coors Banquet, Miller Genuine Draft) and Grandpa's Beers (PBR, Grain Belt, Hamm's, Old Milwaukee). After everything had been sampled and ranked, the results were shared: the favorite Light Beer being Bud Light, favorite Regular Beer being Coors Banquet, and the favorite Grandpa's Beer being PBR.

The biggest surprises of the night were that Bud Light was named favorite Light Beer with Coors Light ranking last, while Coors Genuine was named favorite Regular Beer.

It seems, however, that Minnesotans as a whole strongly disagree with our verdict, and there's new data to support it. The folks at Workshopedia recently studied 12 months' worth of Google Trends to find which cheap, crappy beer is most popular in each state. Minnesota's favorite -- as it turns out -- was not the favorite of our 4th of July blind taste testing experiment!

According to Workshopedia's findings, Minnesota's favorite trashy beer is, in fact, Coors Light! It also happened to be favorite in Arizona, California and Nevada tying it for third most popular trashy beer behind Natural Light (10 states) and Michelob Ultra (7 states); Bud Light was also most popular in four states.

What do you think -- sound about right? What's your favorite cheap beer?

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