When I was in high school, Pi Day was one of the biggest holidays for the math department. Seriously. Those number crunchers LOVE Pi Day. Some math students even memorized the first bazillion numbers of Pi and it was very impressive.

If you need a refresher, Pi is represented by the Greek letter "π". It's equal to about 3.14159 but it goes on and on and … well … on. I loved Pi Day because sometimes the math teachers would bring pie in for us and I love food.

Pi Day is coming up this Sunday, March 14. Minnesotans love celebrating holidays with food. So, it's only fitting to enjoy your favorite slice of pie on Pi Day.

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The site Gurneys.com compiled data from each state to determine the most popular pie flavors throughout the country. They actually used Google Trends data to help in their quest.

Minnesota's favorite pie surprisingly wasn't apple, pumpkin, cherry, key lime, banana cream or even my favorite pecan pie. Those are usually my family's go-to Thanksgiving favorites.

If you're scratching your head wondering what's even left, don't worry, we were in your same boat.

Minnesota's favorite pie is actually STRAWBERRY pie. How did we forget that one?! So delicious. Strawberry pie is one that I don't have very often, but when I do, I realize how underrated it is. The best strawberry pie is made with fresh strawberries from your Minnesota garden. There's nothing better.

Strawberry was the top choice in Minnesota, the Midwest, the south and and the number one pick throughout the country. I think it's safe to say that strawberry pie is pretty dang delicious. If you've never tried it, this weekend is the perfect excuse to enjoy it.

The northeastern states favored 'grape pie'. What the heck is that even? I've never even heard of it. The western states had a three-way tie with banana cream (so good), grape and something called razzleberry pie.

I think Minnesota got this one right--but, do you? Share your favorite pie flavor in the comments below. Happy almost Pi Day!


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