Minnesota is often referred to as 'dairy land' because of all the dairy farms we've got in our state. With all that dairy, we pretty much know our stuff when it comes to cheese. I'm confident in saying I think we're dairy experts. But, I'm not sure I agree with Minnesota's pick for FAVORITE cheese.

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I personally love cheese. That's one staple item in my diet I'll never be able to give up. My favorite is a toss up between cheddar and sharp cheddar. Mmmm! Cubed, shredded, sprinkle, sliced, I don't care...I'll eat it any way it's served up.

Minnesota's favorite cheese, according to Zippia, is SWISS. Really? Swiss cheese is the best? Minnesota, I think you got this one wrong.

Zippia looked at Google's top cheese searches per state. I guess Minnesotans are Googling swiss cheese more than any other cheese out there.

I would have definitely guessed our favorite would have been cheddar...it just pairs so well with all of our hot dish recipes. Our rivals to the east--Wisconsin aka our cheesehead neighbors also love swiss.

I've got a real question for cheese lovers...is Velveeta even a real cheese? That's the favorite in Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky and Nebraska. Should we tell them?

Happy National Cheese Day! What kind of cheese is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.



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