Thrillist recently surveyed eaters coast-to-coast to find the most popular condiment in each state.

Overall, findings were pretty diverse: Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil were the most popular in five states each; Nutella and Franks RedHot sauce followed at four states each. Sriracha and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauces were also most popular in three states each with additional entries from French's Crunchy Toppers Crispy Jalapenos, Country Crock, Bertolli Alfredo with Aged Parmesan Cheese Sauce and McCormick Garlic Salt.

As per usual, Minnesota caught me by surprise.

Apparently, Minnesotans' favorite condiment is Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.

Credit: Thrillist/Influenster
Credit: Thrillist/Influenster

Seriously? What is everyone cooking that they use extra virgin coconut oil in? I've never cooked with any type of coconut oil in my life! With all the massive, incredible, food-glorious events Minnesota is home to -- from the State Fair to Major League and Minor League sports events to all the countless concerts, music festivals and other events that come through -- I could believe that ketchup or mustard or even mayonnaise was the #1 condiment.

But Nature's Way Extra Virgin Coconut Oil? I give up pretending to know anything about the Minnesota culture.

Check out the full article from Thrillist here.

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