With Spring here and Minnesota several weeks into its stay home orders, it's proving harder and harder to stay indoors.

Fortunately, outdoor exercise and (some) outdoor activities are permitted, and Minnesotan's have not only been taking full advantage of the warmer weather but showing off photos of where they are and what they're doing to enjoy the outdoors!

u/indigo3200 via reddit

"This morning on the Whitefish Chain," reddit user indigo3200 captioned his photo.

u/bmalchow1 via reddit

"Trout fishing in southeast Minnesota," said bmalchow1 with his.

u/missusfictitious via reddit

"My husband says this day made it almost worth the 'long winter,'" missusfictitious joked.

u/alejandro_dan via reddit

"Taylor Falls yesterday," said reddit user alejandro_dan. "No filter!"

u/Gardingphotograph via reddit

"Spring Sunsets at Sherburne Wildlife Refuge," Gardingphotograph captioned his photo.

u/eerun165 via reddit

"Sunrise on Mud Lake near Emily, Mn." eerun165 said with his photo.

u/itsqueakswhenubangit via reddit

"Bay Lake earlier this week," reads itsqueakswhenubangit's caption.

u/wilstar_berry via reddit

"Lake Owasso today," said wilstar_berry of his photo.

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