Sweet, savory, caramelized, buttered, plain, molded into a candied ball or tossed with nuts and chocolate -- what's your favorite type of popcorn?

January 19th is National Popcorn Day, which -- this year-- fell this past Sunday. According to National Day Calendar, the origins of National Popcorn Day are a mystery, though it's been observed since at least 1988.

Popcorn started becoming popular in the United States in the middle 1800s. It wasn’t until Charles Cretors, a candy-store owner, developed a machine for popping corn with steam that the tasty treat became more abundantly poppable. By 1900 he had horse-drawn popcorn wagons going through the streets of Chicago.


At about the same time, Louise Ruckheim added peanuts and molasses to popcorn to bring Cracker Jack to the world. Then in 1908, the national anthem of baseball was born. Jack Norworth and Albert Von Tilzer wrote Take Me out to the Ballgame. From that point onward, popcorn, specifically Cracker Jack, became forever married to the game.

Curious to know how Central Minnesotans like their popcorn best, we took to Facebook to ask:

Caramel popcorn -- or some variation of it, such as salted and homemade -- seemed to be the most popular answer. "Club Almars popcorn!!!" said Jen. "Mary makes the BEST!!!!" Classic buttered popcorn also earned a nod.

What's your favorite type of popcorn?

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