A couple weeks ago, we reported that the St. Paul Saints baseball team and several Minnesota craft breweries were rallying Minnesotans to attempt to break the North American record for the longest cup snake July 1 at CHS Field.

The cup snake -- also known as a beer snake -- is literally a train of empty beer cups donated by thirsty fans that snakes its way through the stands or venue. Cup snakes are most often seen at sporting events. Records for the longest cup snake are contested, though there are some notable recorded examples. In 2008, during an XFL game between the DC Defenders and St. Louis Battlehawks at Audi Field, fans created a cup snake approximately 1,237 cups long.

Earlier in June, Chicago Cubs fans celebrated being back at Wrigley Field at full capacity with a 100-foot cup snake estimated to have cost around $30,000 worth of beer.

It's been a week since Minnesota baseball fans attempted to break the cup snake record at CHS field, and the results are in -- Minnesotans have set a new North American record!

"We are proud to report that we were part of setting a new North American record cup snake," reported Invictus Brewing Co., one of the local craft breweries represented at CHS Field July 1. "Thanks to everyone who showed up tonight."

Invictus Brewing Co. via Facebook
Invictus Brewing Co. via Facebook

According to the Minnesota Craft Brewers Guild which helped put on the event, the final cup snake came in at 102 feet -- two feet longer than the snake at the Chicago Cubs game and long enough to set a new record in North America.

The world record for longest cup/beer snake goes to fans of an  international cricket match between Australia and Sri Lanka in Sydney, Australia in 2013. According to various reports including The Drinks Business, the cup snake began as two separate snakes at different parts of the stadium grounds and merged into one for a total length of 574 feet.

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