I've never liked scary movies.

Whether that be supernatural thrillers or gory-laden screamers, I've always stayed away.

In fact, one of my earliest memories of a "scary movie" is the 1966 Don Knotts film The Ghost and Mr. Chicken. A comedy-drama with a spooky undertone, I had nightmares for years after of the bleeding portrait on the stairwell and the organ in the attic that played itself.

So with Halloween on the way, I took to Facebook to ask listeners what movie(s) scared them as a kid.

"Return to Oz. Was and still is one of my favorites, but definitely creeped me out. I watch the shining and children of the corn as my go-to bedtime movies, but the dang wheelers were SOOOOOO creepy (still are)" - Jessica

"Pet Sematary" - Morgan

"Poltergeist" - Jody

"Children of the Corn" - Adrianne

What movie(s) scared you as a kid?

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