MINNEAPOLIS (WJON News) -- Prosecutors have charged a Minnesota state trooper, 27-year-old Ryan Londregan, with second-degree murder, first-degree assault and manslaughter in the death of Ricky Cobb II of St. Cloud, who was fatally shot as he began to drive away during a traffic stop on I-94 in north Minneapolis last July 31st.

Hennepin County Attorney Mary Moriarty says:

"Ricky Cobb the Second should be alive today."

Moriarty says troopers are allowed to shoot only to prevent death or great bodily harm to another officer or a civilian, and...

"The training that they received -- very extensive training by the State Patrol -- was that shooting someone was not likely to cause the person to stop driving. So shooting someone was not an appropriate or necessary use of deadly force in this situation."

Moriarty says Trooper Londregan will have a first court appearance either later this week or next week.

The Minnesota State Patrol's Col. Matt Langer, the Chief o the Minnesota State Patrol, released the following statement responding to the charges.

"Any time a use-of-force incident ends with the loss of a life, it is tragic. Ricky Cobb II’s death is no different. This is a sad situation for everyone involved. We acknowledge the deep loss felt by Mr. Cobb’s family and friends. We also recognize the gravity of this situation for the State Patrol and our troopers tasked with making difficult split-second decisions.

In accordance with the troopers’ labor contract, Trooper Ryan Londregan will remain on paid leave while an investigation by the Department of Public Safety’s Internal Affairs Division is completed. That investigation has begun and will inform employment decisions.

The State Patrol is also conducting a critical incident review that will examine and inform our training and policies.

Today’s announcement of criminal charges by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office marks the next step in the judicial process related to this case. We respect that process and cannot comment further due to the ongoing criminal proceedings."

From the original story: 
According to the preliminary investigation, at about 1:50 a.m., Trooper Seide saw a car drive past him on Interstate 94 without rear lights on. When he pulled the car over, Seide learned the driver, identified as Cobb II, was wanted on probable cause arrest for a felony order-for-protection violation issued by Ramsey County.

As Seide was gathering this information, Troopers Londregan and Erickson pulled up to assist.

The three troopers approached Cobb II's car. They asked him to get out of his car, then attempted to physically remove him because he refused to exit.

Londregan fired his handgun during that attempt, striking Cobb II.

Londregan and Seide were knocked down as Cobb II pulled away.

The three troopers went back to their vehicles and followed Cobb II about a quarter-mile down the interstate. When they caught up to him, Cobb II's vehicle was slowing to a stop against the interior divider.

The troopers attempted life-saving care, but Cobb II died at the scene.

Londregan and Seide went to the hospital and were treated and released.


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