"Look out Florida -- Minnesota's giving you a run for your money..."

That was Jimmy Kimmel's opening line Thursday night as he welcomed Kaitlyn Strom -- the 19-year old Litchfield woman who went viral after getting her head stuck in a truck tailpipe at Winstock Country Music Festival -- to his show.

Kaitlyn and the owner of the truck Tom Wold video'd into Kimmel's show from Darwin Tavern in Darwin, MN (also known for being the home of the World's Largest Ball of Twine). The irony certainly didn't escape Kimmel, who said "You're in the town of Darwin, Minnesota which seems beautifully ironic...or fitting, really, not even ironic."

Kimmel goes on to ask Kaitlyn about what prompted her to stick her head in the tailpipe, how long she was stuck and how she was eventually freed before turning to ask Tom if he'd ever considered revving the engine to "pop her out."

As for the tailpipe -- which was sawed off by the fire department -- it's now on display at Darwin Tavern.

Here's the full segment:

As much as we'd like to believe none of our DJ's would ever do something so stupid, we can't really be so sure...

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